Biodore® Chopstick, Bamboo, 23cm, FSC 100%, Green Key,

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Opt for a natural presentation of your oriental dishes with these traditional bamboo chopsticks.

Bamboo chopsticks

The flavours of your Chinese, Japanese and Korean dishes will really come to the fore when served, and eaten, with these traditional chopsticks from Biodore. The 23 cm long chopsticks made of fast-growing, 100% FSC-certificated bamboo will emphasise the natural origins of your fresh products. They are ideal for take-away restaurants, buffets, food truck festivals, events and barbecues.

Packaged per set

Every set of bamboo chopsticks is individually packaged in an attractive paper etui for hygienic and attractive presentation. Place the accent on natural tasting and experience by offering them with stir-fries, noodle dishes or sushi so your customers can enjoy their oriental dishes in the traditional way.

Natural raw materials

Biodore’s products are made from natural raw materials and dovetail perfectly with today’s perception-aware world. They stand out due to their exceptional form and lines, their versatility and their international look.

A real experience

With Biodore in house you respond effectively and in a unique way to the growing demand for natural products that turn eating and drinking into a real experience. Beauty, enjoyment, conviviality, discovery and experience. With Biodore you ensure every detail is right.

Explore Biodore, go natural!

Product code 457199
Brand Biodore®
EAN 8710653014850
Colour Natural
Environment and quality
Quality hallmark Food-safe
Environmental hallmark FSC 100%
Environmental hallmark Green Key
Material Bamboo
Version Chopstick
Quantity per pallet 288
Weights and measures
Length (cm) 23

Brand Biodore®

Its range of attractive articles made entirely from natural materials makes our Biodore brand a natural alternative to traditional packaging concepts.

The beauty of nature
The Biodore range ( comprises disposables and packaging articles based on an appreciation of the beauty of nature. Thanks to their perfect form and the use of natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, palm fronds, paper, bagasse (sugarcane pulp) and bio-degradable plastics (PLA and C-PLA), the products fit perfectly in today’s perception-aware world.

Contemporary brand
Biodore’s range includes beautifully shaped carrier bags, plates, dishes, cups, glasses, cutlery and cocktail sticks. All the designs have been inspired by the materials, patterns, shapes, colours and emotions found in nature. This dovetails with current lifestyle trends and makes Biodore a unique, contemporary brand with outstanding products that can be used in many ways.

Natural enjoyment
Biodore focuses on natural enjoyment, beauty, conviviality, discovery and experience. The exceptional forms and patterns of the materials provide the perfect backdrop for every dish, from an amuse to a full meal. They are a pleasure to work with for everyone in the food service sector.

Differentiating concept
Biodore is a powerful concept with an international look that is an immediate eye-catcher in your packaging range. The concept offers food service suppliers and retailers the possibility of standing out from the crowd with a product group for which there is increasing market demand. With Biodore food service enterprises, such as restaurants, cafés, canteens and companies catering public and private festivals and events, can differentiate themselves in an exceptional manner.

It’s all in the detail
All Biodore’s disposables and packagings guarantee an original, natural, presentation. With Biodore it’s all in the detail and every detail is perfect.

Biodore, go natural!


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