ComFort - The assurance of working comfortably and hygienically

Quality and comfort

ComFort® offers a complete range of HACCP disposables including sleeve covers, shoe covers, hairnets, visitor coats, cover sheets and (household) gloves. All the products are certificated in accordance with European (quality) guidelines and tuned to current users’ needs. The ComFort range was developed with maximum quality and maximum user convenience and comfort in mind and is an ideal product range for people working in the (food processing) industry, healthcare, professional cleaning, food retail and food service sectors.


The wearing of gloves is the most frequently stipulated protective measure in a professional environment. Gloves protect the wearer from all types of external influences and provide protection when processing and/or preparing food. ComFort gloves minimise the risk of allergic reactions and the transfer of bacteria, moulds, viruses and infections. Take a look at our complete range of gloves for diverse applications.

Protective clothing

From sleeve covers to complete coveralls - with ComFort protective clothing both the wearers and the (working) environment are optimally protected. Our high-quality products are made of PP non-woven or food-approved PE. We will be happy to help you make the right choice.

Head protection

Our hairnets help you ensure a hygienic production or working environment. They are essential in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and for everyone who works with food. Do you have to wear a helmet, for example on a construction site or when playing sport? If so, a hairnet under your helmet is ideal for your personal protection.

Secure & Clean covers

With the ComFort Secure & Clean covers we offer a solution for the secure and hygienic covering of ingredients, half-finished products and end products. These practical covers have an elasticised edge which ensures the (fresh) products are completely sealed and optimally protected. The covers are available as standard for Eurobins, Euro pallets and Block pallets.

A selection from our extensive ComFort range

ComFort Gloves , Latex, jet, s, black

Product code 14453
€74.80 /box, 12 pair Excl. VAT

ComFort Gloves , Rubber, m, jaune

Product code 14454
€63.60 /box, 144 pair Excl. VAT