Coolhands® 100% Bamboo Wet Wipes


Are you looking for a fast and responsible way to ensure clean hands? Coolhands® 100% Bamboo Wipes are the answer to the current consumer demand for high-quality personal care wherever and whenever it is needed. The liquid that moistens these luxurious freshen-up wipes and gives them their pleasant, neutral fragrance is 100% made from natural materials.

High level hygiene

The unique Coolhands freshen-up tissues are made from fast-growing and sustainably-produced bamboo. They contain no alcohol or allergens, are kind to skin and have been bacteriostatically tested by TNO, which means they retard the growth of micro-organisms and no bacteria can develop on the tissues.

A gesture for your quests

The strong yet soft to the touch bamboo wipes can be used everywhere. Use them at home and at work, in hotels and restaurants, in the plane or the train, when looking after children and animals, when filling the car with fuel and when camping. Stand one of the good-looking dispenser boxes full of individually-packaged freshen-up wipes in your kitchen, canteen or waiting room, on your counter or next to the till. It’s a gesture your guests, customers and staff will appreciate. Especially if you have the Coolhands sachets printed with your own logo or brand name (possible from 50,000 pieces).

Rolled or folded, hot or cold - the choise is yours

Would you prefer your hand wipes rolled-up or folded? The choice is yours. Each freshen-up wipe is individually sealed in a handy sachet that takes up hardly any space. You can also choose whether to use the wipes at room temperature, heated or cooled. For a hot wipe put the sealed sachet in a microwave at 600 watt for 10 seconds. For a chilled wipe keep the wipes in their sachets in the fridge or pop them into the freezer for a short while. This versatility makes these bamboo freshen-up wipes perfect for many applications and situations.

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Tissue Coolhands® bamboo, 200x280mm, white

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Tissue Coolhands® bamboo, 200x230mm, white

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