Bright®Through our Bright® brand we sell packaging materials and disposables that have a measurably lower environmental-impact. We assess the environmental-impact of every product throughout its entire life-cycle on the basis of no less than nineteen environmental-impact factors. Because only after thorough research does an environmental claim have any value.

Why Bright?

The global population is felling trees faster than they can grow,

taking more water out of rivers than rain can replace and releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere than the oceans and forests can absorb. This is why it is vital that our planet’s available raw materials are used responsibly and why we want to make our contribution towards this through our Bright range. Become a Bright® believer. ‘Think Bright’ and join us.

Bright® Aantoonbaar minder milieu belastend

Together we can make responsible choices

Bright stands for a revolutionary way of thinking that invalidates ‘greenwashing’ and challenges us to make responsible choices.

Together producers, wholesalers and retailers have the power, and the responsibility, to have a positive influence on our consumption behaviour. We too are making a contribution through the Bright plates, soup bowls, cold and hot drinks cups, straws, stirrers and cutlery with a measurably lower environmental impact.

The LCA method

The environmental impact of the Bright products is calculated through scientific studies. This method is called Life Cycle Assessment, or the LCA method.

A Life Cycle Assessment tells us a lot about the environmental impact of our products and helps us improve them by reducing their environmental impact. It’s something we are working on every day. Only products that have a measurably lower environmental impact than the average comparable product on the market are sold under the Bright brand.

Bright means clarity

Stichting Natuur & Milieu (Nature & Environment Foundation) supports the scientific LCA method and the related Eco Rating®

a simple system that awards a product stars, on a scale of 0 to 5, for its environmental impact: The lower the impact, the greater number of stars scored. Thanks to in-depth studies and the Eco Rating the Bright products put measurably lower pressure on the environment.

Eco Rating

Bright open to discussion

PACOMBI GROUP, the concern behind Bright, is a committed advocate of ‘LCA-driven’ eco-innovation.

This is why we call upon all our clients and relations within the entire business column to work together to achieve a maximum and measurable reduction of the environmental impact of packaging and disposables.

Think Bright!

By opting for Bright you are opting for products that put measurably less pressure on the environment. We only have one planet. Give it a brighter future. Think Bright!