Drinking isn’t only necessary; it’s also delicious and convivial. This is, of course, why you don’t offer your customers or guests their drinks in just any old glass or cup. Choose practical, economical plastic drinks cups, disposable glasses, ripple cups, single-walled cups or double-walled cups, or opt for a concept with extra ambience, such as the cardboard Retro Hot cups or the unique double-walled, transparent disposable ThermoTwin® cups. Complete your drinking assortment with our drinking requisites, such as the practical cup carrying trays and handy lids that enable your customers to enjoy their drink on the go.

Plastic cups


Paper Cups


Party cups


Salad shakers





€62.90 /Box, 780 pcs Excl. VAT
€43.31 /Box, 500 pcs Excl. VAT

Glass, beer glass, PP, 250ml, transparent

Product code 14020
€50.17 /Box, 1250 pcs Excl. VAT

Salad shaker, PS, 12oz, 110mm, transparent

Product code 13323
€53.60 /Box, 1000 pcs Excl. VAT

Lid, PS, round, white

Product code 13279
€23.20 /Box, 1000 pcs Excl. VAT

Ripple cup, Paper, 8oz, 92mm, black

Product code 14118
€41.11 /Box, 500 pcs Excl. VAT

Stirrer, Wood, 140mm,

Product code 14015
€8.96 /Box, 5000 pcs Excl. VAT

Single-walled cup, Paper, 12oz, 110mm,

Product code 13268
€33.79 /Box, 1000 pcs Excl. VAT

Ripple cup, Paper, 12oz, 110mm, black

Product code 14119
€47.69 /Box, 500 pcs Excl. VAT

Single-walled cup, Paper, 8oz, 92mm,

Product code 14129
€29.37 /Box, 1000 pcs Excl. VAT

Cup sleeve , Paper, Brown .

Product code 13299
€23.12 /Box, 1000 pcs Excl. VAT

Lid, PP, transparent

Product code 13325
€43.55 /Box, 1000 pcs Excl. VAT