People who care about our planet make conscious, responsible choices. If you are looking for environmentally-responsible tableware, cutlery, tissues or garbage bags, we can help. Many of our eco-friendly products are from the Biodore® range. Biodore products are made entirely of natural raw materials. This makes them an ideal, and very good-looking, alternative to traditional packaging concepts. Biodore products stand out due to their exceptional form and lines, their versatility and their international look. Use them to present all kinds of hot and cold food and put the accent on natural enjoyment, taste and experience.

Biodore: a perfect brand for today’s perception-aware world

Our Biodore range includes plates in various beautiful shapes and made of sustainable palm leaves, strong bagasse (sugarcane fibre) or sturdy cardboard, transparent PLA glasses for beer and soft drinks, cardboard hot cups with a PLA coating to keep their contents warm and tasty, heat resistant bowls, and both wooden and bio-plastic forks, knives and spoons. We also offer sustainably-produced Coolhands® bamboo wet wipes and, to help reduce food wastage, stylish and sustainable doggy bags.





Palm plates




Wet wipes



Biodore® Spoon, wood, 165mm, natural

Product code 457192
€3.75 /shrink, 100 pcs Excl. VAT

Biodore® Plate, square, 1 compartment, bagasse, 160x160mm, white

Product code 455160
€4.55 /shrink, 50 pcs Excl. VAT

Biodore® Fork, wood, 165mm, natural

Product code 457191
€3.75 /shrink, 100 pcs Excl. VAT

Biodore® Refuse sack, Starch blend, 30l, 50x60cm,

Product code 153720
€1.85 /roll, 10 pcs Excl. VAT

Biodore® Soup bowl, Kraft et PLA, 350ml, 12oz, brown

Product code 440236
€8.75 /shrink, 25 pcs Excl. VAT

Biodore® Plate, round, 1 compartment, bagasse, Ø260mm, white

Product code 455151
€7.25 /shrink, 50 pcs Excl. VAT

Biodore® Plate, square, 1 compartment, palm frond, 180x180mm,

Product code 437384
€9.95 /packet, 25 pcs Excl. VAT